A downloadable quaint little runner for Windows

Kinetic translation is a tiny little parkour game in which the player pieces together haiku one character at a time. These haiku in turn affect the world around the player, altering how they move.

Controls are standard for a first person game: 

WASD for movement

Mouse to look

Space to jump (one haiku allows a double jump)

Ctrl while moving quickly to slide

Press ESC to bring up a quick menu that lets you select your haiku

Additional Assets Used:

Bell Sound on Pickup

Footsteps from the Unity 3D game kit

Two skyboxes by ProAssets

And the rest by AvionX

Haiku by some of the old masters: Kobayashi Issa, Kawahigashi Hekigoto and Matsuo Basho


Kinetic Translation Original.rar 205 MB


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Nice game! Have you considered participating in our GDWC #gamedev contest ? Check out our itch.io page for more info :) 


Thankyou! I will go give that a look :)

Good luck :) 

Great mechanics! I do think the level design could use a little more work and try to match the progression of the player end mechanics, but sill a solid foundation nonetheless!


Thankyou so much! Definitely planning on giving this project some love once uni's done for the year.